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Accepting My Flaws Lyrics

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Accepting My Flaws Lyrics

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Future Accepting My Flaws Lyrics
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Lord, forgive me, I've been on a rampage
Grim Reaper ridin' in the Rolls Royce, yeah, yeah
Spent a day to sober up, then I popped me one up
I can't pop up when I want with her, she popular
I've been tryna fight my demons, I've been tryna fight my cup
I always tell her she my therapy, I told her it was rough
She acceptin' all my flaws, I got diamonds with the cut
I've been sufferin' withdrawals, missin' out on real love
Different, you a angel, true to me
They gon' try to convince me that it's different
But I know, it's in my spirit and I can feel it, yeah
She don't bring up when these bitches bein' miserable and typical
Take my blood, baby, we goin' digital
Thousand dollar ski boots by Perry Ellis
And I don't plan on taking no ski trip, that ink drip (Woo)
Chanel fanny pack out in Egypt, ain't no reason
Gucci bucket hat for all my heathens
Temporary distractions, ain't no grievin' 'cause they reachin'
Copy and they clone what I'm feedin', they be thievin'
China white in my home, be strategic, I gotta feed ya
Grind up on my own 'cause I see how they mistreat me
Don't you let 'em turn you on me, I see it, I can peep it
Clear like white Patron, I can see it, you conceited
Talkin' on the phone, you can hear my tone, mischievous
Plastic or the chrome, whatever we need to keep us heated
Canary yellow stone, girl, shine on my demons
I feel it in my bones when you takin' out my semen
I purchased a couple Cashmere sweaters this evening
Take you for a walk in the park like a deacon
Half a ticket, pullin' up on you and mamacita
Give you the keys in her face to show her how I treat you
I'm takin' you out on dinner dates, got Franklins like Aretha
Trained in the war zone, codeine in my one liter
Pain in my attitude, it's vicious and it's lethal
Came off the avenue and ran into a diva
Broken-hearted, baby had me down, had to get you
You out the garden, baby, I'm from the jungle with the leeches
Clouded my lungs up and I slowly started speakin'
Rain, thunderin', showin' you grace for this meetin'
Givin' you compliments throughout the day and the weekend
Fall in love with revenge, hopin' that'll kill my demons
Sittin' out on my porch, I'm in disbelief
Give me glory, give me Lori, that's victory
Moment I drop your name, is it chemistry?
Fuck this money and fame if it's meant to be
Like a rock star showin' up at a symphony
Rock hard, pissin' on my enemy
Fuck 'em all, we don't show 'em sympathy
Her favorite color blue, I bought her Tiffany
Out the trap spot, I got my dope degree
They persuaded me, they gon' try to persuade you to leave
Had laid in it, played in it, and stayed in it for weeks
Mistakes like earthquakes, they can't break us a piece
I'm not Catholic but had to have a talk with the priest
Acrobatic flips, gettin' European cash 'cross the sea
It's so radical, automatic-al, I'm knowin' we elite
Fascinated by the lifestyle, you know it bring greed
Fascinated by your vices, it's okay
Fascinated over your crisis, it's warfare
When we roll one, we converse, we like orphans
Coast to coast, float the ocean like a starfish
Check my post, I'ma toast to the heartless
That's why I'm prayin' for better days on this continent
I don't need a ghost to write my promises
You boost my confidence