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Justin Abraham Podcasts

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Justin Abraham Podcasts

Title : Justin Paul Abraham and TruthSeekah THIS GOT DEEP Mp3
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About Justin Paul Abraham and TruthSeekah | THIS GOT DEEP!!!! Mp3:

Justin Paul Abraham and TruthSeekah share what the Spirit of God is doing in their life. Such a beautiful conversation, full of the goodness of God.

Justin Abraham has learned what it truly means to be a vessel for God. He is an open channel for the love and beauty that all reside within the Father and has been made manifest through his son Jesus Christ. Vessel, Chanel, Door, Portal, Way, Entrance, Conduit, Course, Gate, Opening I believe are all words that describe what Justin is for God, and that's just one aspect. As for being a channel or an open door for God to flow, God has a wonderful way of meeting people right where they are at, and Justin does the same. It seems rare, and we can easily put Justin on a "special" pedestal (and he should be), but what makes it very special indeed is that he is not alone when it comes to people who have learned to abandon themselves to the love of Christ. In fact, the very thing that makes Justin special is that neither does he want to be the only one! Justin has partnered with people who honor love over "having the right doctrine", because he knows that LOVE itself IS the right doctrine. This is the way, the truth and the life which is hidden and uncovered, lost and found in Christ. The way, the truth and the life.... what kind of life? Eternal life. When we die? No, life eternal, now. To know God, to know Christ, to know love, and how much you are. It's truly amazing. It's not just good news, it's GREAT news! During this podcast session with Justin Paul Abraham, it was as if God was speaking directly to me through Justin... and you know what? He was! But he was also talking directly to you also!!!! And by reading the comments, I know this to be true also. When Justin would speak, it was as if Jesus was speaking. Whether talking to me as a friend or talking to me as a disciple, either way. When he spoke words that were life, I could feel them to the very core of my being. I could do nothing but cry. For me this wasn't anything new, Justin wasn't telling me anything I've never heard, it was resonance. It was confirmation. Its was synchronicity. The very language of our creator, which is not heard audibly with carnal ears of flesh, but heard and interpreted inwardly with the ears / resonance of the heart. For people who watched that session and saw me in tears, it seemed like something special.... and again, it was special to me. But, it's been happening for years and intensifying as my heart stays prostrate in a position to be taught, to be amazed, to be corrected. I'm not special, Justin is not special, heck, Jesus is not special.... unless you get "it". Get his love, as much as you can carry, give his love, as much as you can give.

They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” Luke 24:32

Justin Paul Abraham is the founder and co-director of COBH Ltd in the UK. Justin Paul is a futurist, transformational coach, popular speaker and author, known for his joy-filled, expanding teachings on KAINOS (new) creation realities, meditation and union-prayer. His bestselling book "Beyond Human" has been translated into several languages. Justin has travelled extensively speaking at retreats, conferences and schools. He lives in the WALES UK with his four children and his inspirational wife Rachel Abraham.

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