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Modest Is Hottest Song Lyrics

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Modest Is Hottest Song Lyrics

Title : Modesty is Hottesty Mp3
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Lyrics (verses):

There was this one girl
I thought her rather pretty
But then she showed up in
A polka dot bikini
I said woah girl, no need to show me that
And she said what? Does this make me look fat?
I said no, it does not make you look fatter,
But what I like is inside of you your outside shouldn't matter because

One time my friend said
dude lets wear these cut off's
I said no, i don't want girls to see my armpits
He said what? That doesn't make any sense
I said yes, it makes a lot of sense
so he said what? You wont wear them, for your entire life?
no, I'm saving my armpits for my wife

It's the best policy
It's so hot to me
If only you could see
It's like I'm livin a dream you see
You Don't even need to show to me
What I don't wanna see
I've been livin a life you see
Full of beautiful celibacy
That's why you gotta gotta gotta be
With a little more moda moda modesty
There's a lotta lotta people you see
That disagree with a me me
But what I want i want you to see
Is the brighter side of me
Cause when I when I when I see
All these girls hangin round a me
I just know they wanna wanna be
They wanna be set free