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Skinshape I Didnt Know Lyrics

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Skinshape I Didnt Know Lyrics

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About Skinshape - I Didn't Know (Lyrics) Mp3:

“The beginnings of Skinshape took form when Dorey was a teenager, enamoured by the records of Pink Floyd and Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and the sounds of '60s British psychedelia, roots reggae, Afrobeat and funk. Captivated by the distinctive feel of '60s production he became fixed on learning it, buying a tape-machine with his student loan and recording drum break samples, upon which his elegant compositions would eventually grow. “It started out as a kind of trip-hop project, but changed over time and moved away from it, and it turned out to be a kind of stoned, psychedelic folk, which is weird because I don't smoke weed,” he chuckles.

Irrespective of genre, he has over the years honed and perfected the sound he set out to capture, where the crispest of drum cuts and a deep, tubey warmth radiate with a modern clarity on each record. The key, it seems, was simplicity: “I never used a complex set up. More than a tape machine now is valve equipment. Everything I do I run it through a valve amplifier because it gets that sound, really warm and just fucking great and distinctive. That was a revelation. A few years ago I bought a '60s mono tape machine, it's big and really heavy, but it's got an amplifier on the front and I would run it directly from the computer into that. Really simple, I think people over complicate it when they record. A lot of the recordings that we love were done quite simply with a few microphones and just the vibe.”” — The Line Of Best Fit, John Bell, November 23 2018

Read the full interview here: thelineofbestfit.com/features/interviews/skinshape-on-the-rise

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bandcamp: skinshape.bandcamp.com/track/i-didnt-know
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♪ lyrics ♪

I didn't know about those other things
I could've been there but now it's too late
We're only here for an hour, we won't know until it's gone
Try to find the best, I know you

I didn't know that you would leave so soon
I'd have tried a little harder to make you smile once more
One day I'll come to find you, wherever you may be
If only time was kinder, you would still be here
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